Ian Burkhart Foundation

What We Do

Advocacy. Research. Financial Grants.

The Ian Burkhart foundation was established to help individuals with spinal cord injuries. From the initial trauma to transitioning home to continuing on with your life we are here for you. A spinal cord injury is devastating not just for the individual but the family as well. Let us help you with any questions you have about adjusting to the new normal of your life. Having a strong support system to be by your side every step of the way is the best method to ensure success in your rehabilitation. The funds raised by the Ian Burkhart Foundation support the following programs:


Ian's Initiatives  



Making Change

Ian is an active public speaker to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries and technologies to improve the lives of those living with paralysis. Sharing his experience to industry, medical professionals, and other spinal cord injured individuals is critical in obtaining more awareness and momentum towards a future where spinal cord injuries are less of a derailment from life.


Past Events

  • Bio Ohio, Patient Perspectives Panel 2017
  • ACRM, Chicago 2016
  • SXSW, Hacking the brain to treat paralysis, 2016



Being Change

Research is crucial to advancing treatments and adaptations for those with paralysis. Ian is involved with a neural bridging research study by having an implant in his brain as a part of the clinical trial, Reanimation in Tetraplegia, through The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the Battelle Memorial Institute, which has restored some movement in his right hand.



Financial Grants

Giving Change

A spinal cord injury is an extremely expensive feat even for those who are financially stable. The Ian Burkhart Foundation will help individuals seek out widely accessible funding sources and provide grants for items not usually covered by insurance however they will greatly increase independence and quality of life. Grants will be given after being determined necessary by the board. 


More information

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